Kilometa Job: Earn extra money as delivery agent with Kilometa app.

The fast, affordable way for delivery services. Download the Kilometa app

Earn extra money as delivery agent set your own schedule, be your own boss.

Get a delivery service

Kilometa offers you a parcel to delivery in minutes.
The best prices

We aim to offer the best serives prices in every city. See for yourself!

Easy to use

Get wherever you need to go as quickly as possible.
Get a ride in minutes!

Pick your destination, request a delivery agent, meet your agent, enjoy the fast delivery.
Safe and convenient

Moving parcels/goods with kilometa is easy, convenient and fast.

Happy agents, happy delivery.
Kilometa agents drivers earn more thanks to lower commission rates with Bike | Pickup Truck | Van | Truck.

Always there for you

Get fast support, whenever you need it.

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