What Oyedepo said about Stella Immanuel who said hydroxychloroquine cures coronavirus

The presiding pastor of Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo has said that coronavirus has a cured and that the church has been healing patients weekly.

The clergyman stated this in reaction to the viral video of Stella Immanuel who said hydroxychloroquine helped her cure hundreds of coronavirus patient.

Oyedepo also cried out that social media is censoring posts which claim that coronavirus has a cure.

“I watched something yesterday on the Frontline Doctors in the US. It’s a noise from hell and there is nothing hidden that is not known by God. Nothing!

“Every positive report contrary to that demonic propaganda is doused, it is not allowed to have expression because of the evil machinations of the perpetrators.

“Now, they will know that God’s greatest interest on the earth are the souls of men and everyone that is out to destroy them, my God will destroy them,” he said.

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