Benefit Boys: The Meaning And Latest Trending Memes (video) - Celebrities

You probably have been seeing “Benefit Boys” around and been wondering what it means especially as it has become viral.

Recently, a lot of people (teenagers especially) have been posting “Benefit Boys” alongside exotic cars, phones and other luxurious items, easy on the eyes but heavy in the pockets.

It has however gone more viral after a video of secondary school boys lifting their teacher with a car before chasing him out made waves on social media.

According to a source, Benefits refers to the money being paid to the unemployed people in the United States while some report it also refers to the relief fund for the citizens for Covid-19.

So, the “Benefit Boys” are reportedly the young boys getting or siphoning the funds from the US which reportedly involves “big fund” in a supposedly easy way, hence the immediate affluence.

However, this goes without saying that the report might be wrong as it’s based on mostly hearsays and speculations

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