N-power announces those their registration will be cancelled.

The government of Nigeria had greatly created a way to empower the young generations. The empowerment scheme by the Nigeria government had been a great blessing to different young and aspiring great individuals.

Nevertheless the recent enrollment of the new batch had sprouted both suspense,terror and fears. The registration however began on the 26th July 2020 and many Nigerian youths has commenced and completed their registration.

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This is according to series of tweets on the N-Power handle which noted that the portal for intending beneficiaries, opened on 26th June 2020.

Many Nigerians had been registering yet some persons seems to be wasting their time as some applications that doesn't meet the laid down criteria will absolutely be rejected.

Lets see those applications that the Npower scheme will reject for breach or violation of rules.

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Those their applications will be rejected/cancelled by the Npower scheme.

# those who are yet to be 18years or are more than 35years of age.

# those who made multiple registrations

# those with any invalid registration informations

# those with invalid emails and contact informations

# if you registered with a mistaken or wrong BVN,then your application won't be responded to. Therefore it is necessary to properly check the informations you provide to ensure non of them are misplaced. They won't also be an opportunity to those who registered without BVN as the application is considered void.

# your application will be rejected if you are an existing employee because the Npower scheme won't consider such applications

# the Npower scheme also rejects any application from beneficiaries who already had worked and empowered under the scheme. Therefore no old participant will be accepted

# some people registered on fake websites which was not the genuine and original website for the scheme, therefore those who were victims of such won't be having any application under the Npower scheme.

# An application with a null passport or any passport that doesn't potraits a bright and clear image of the applicant won't be accepted. It is however necessary to consider a good passport photograph for the application.

# Applications from non Nigerians won't be accepted and considered. Therefore every applicant must be a valid and registered Nationally identified citizen by possessing the national identify card.

Finally,ensure you register under the right Npower portal to avoid regrets and complaints. Also provide your informations properly without misplacing any of them. A single mistake can ruin an entire application.

Ensure that you follow the required guidelines for registration and make use of working emails and mobile numbers.

N-Power Application Portal

The N-Power 2020 application portal is https://npower.fmhds.gov.ng/site and applicants are urged to read and comprehend all necessary information before applying. Don't forget,the application is free, nobody should deceive you.


The Honourable Minister Mrs Sadiya Farooq has also shared a message with batch A and batch B beneficiary she said below with the picture below:

share to others inorder to save them making a wrong application or a rejected one. Also take to the comment box to ask your questions and make your suggestions. Stay safe Nigeria!


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