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 Federal Government has introduced free e-learning portals for students based in Nigeria.
In April, free e-learning portals were introduced by the Federal Government. These portals are unlike the free e-learning websites that are found online. They cover courses peculiar to skills and personal development.
Students in primary and colleges are mostly in need of studying their school subjects, English, mathematics, etc curriculum-based. Online learning websites such as ALISON and Coursera do not offer curriculum-based education. They rather put more focus on older students.
For school children, the portals serve as a means of getting them acquainted with school subjects, which the long break may have deprived them of. Thus, as a parent, it is vital for your child to partake in the lessons offered online.
Although, schools may have already started online classes with their students, it does not entail they should not also learn via the e-learning portals.
To access these portals, an internet-enabled smartphone (Android) is required.

E-learning Portal for Nigerian Students

School gate is an indigenous e-learning service that provides quality education for students in Nigeria. It features courses from Primary 1 to Primary 6.
The Subjects offered are: English, Mathematics, Basic Science, Civic Education, Social Studies, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Aptitude.
You can install the app from Google Play Store:
Get it on Google Play

Mobile classroom is an online portal that offers students numerous video content that gives them edge in this changing world.
It offers syllabus-based lessons (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and etc) for senior secondary schools as well as tertiary courses for students in higher institutions.
Students can also opt for professional courses or vocational studies on Mobile classroom.
You can install the App from Google Play Store:
Get it on Google Play
Your choice of e-learning portal depends on your needs and the class of the child. School gate is suited for primary school pupils, while Mobile classroom is for students in colleges and higher institutions.

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