Nyesom Wike blasts Buhari over COVID 19 and Lagos State

Rivers State governor, Barrister Nyesom Wike has hit hard at Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari over what he terms favouritism in the Federal Government’s handling of the Corona Virus pandemic in the country. In a state wide address on Sunday, April, 5, 2020 governor Wike said he sensed that the Federal Government is playing politics with the pandemic’s outbreak in the country and seems to favour Lagos State more than others in the country.
 "It is quite unfortunate that the containment of the virus has been politicized by the Federal Government.
 “while Lagos State received a grant of ten billion naira as the nation’s commercial hub, Rivers state that is the oil and gas hub that produces a greater percentage support  of the nation’s wealth has not received any support from the Federal Government,” Wike said in his address.
 “One wonders why the Federal Government should single out a state out of 36 to give while others have received nothing,” the governor said.   

“Does it mean that it is only when a state has more than fifty cases that the Federal Government will not interfere or intervene?
 “This is unfortunate. No state should be seen as more important than any other state. This is a Federal Republic. No state should be seen as more important to the other. Rivers state is equal to have that entitlement.”                                                                                               

The Rivers State governor in his speech suggested that they have rejected requests from the Federal Government asking permission for Oil workers to fly into the state for the purposes of drilling.

 He suggested from his statement that Rivers State have continually turned down such requests from the Federal Government to have such Oil Workers fly into Port Harcourt for the purpose of drilling. 

“Every day we are inundated with letters from the Federal Government asking us to allow oil companies to fly in for drilling of oil.

 “We ask what is that status of these people flying in from Lagos and nobody has told us.

  So, if we allow these people to fly in without knowing their status as regards the virus, what will be the implication to Rivers state assuming they have the virus?

 “So, we believe that the Federal Government should do the same with all other states as they have done to Lagos State.” The governor in his speech announced the dissolution of the board of the Rivers State

Transport Company, RTC for not following laid down procedure in their operations. He also used the speech to relax the decision to shut down markets in the state opening them up for certain periods of the day exempting just the market at Oil Mill, Mbiama and some other places.

 The governor also set up a committee that would deal with the distribution of palliatives to the residents of the state due to the lock down. Rivers State have announced just one COVID 19 case since the virus struck Nigeria and is yet to get a second one ever since. Just a few days ago, the governor also relaxed lock down measures in the state after he had initially placed a twenty four hour lock down of the area from Choba to Ozuoba and then the portion between Education and Agip Round about

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