Bitcoin (BTC) Price Expected to Decline Unless It Hits $10,000 Soon

On Monday, April 6, Bitcoin finally broke the $7,000 resistance and at the moment is trading at $7,364, posting a 4.54-percent rise overnight. Despite this and some fundamentals improving recently, traders are expecting BTC either to surge much higher or make a bearish reversal.

Rising Wedge on the table
Trader @TheMoonCarl has tweeted that the flagship cryptocurrency might be printing a Rising Wedge pattern. This is a bearish formation, the trader explained, and said that chances are high that BTC might be heading down to $4,000 in the near term.

BTC price: $10,000 or $5,000
Twitter user @RobertArtRobArt, also being a major XRP enthusiast, believes that Bitcoin has to reach $10,400 in order for the current price surge to be of any significance. If that does not happen, he said, then the king crypto is likely to head below $5,000.

“Bitcoin needs to hit $10400 for this pump to be significant. Otherwise, sub $5,000 and maybe even $4,000.”

Trader ‘D.I.Y Investing’ believes that right now Bitcoin is either preparing for a tremendous pump or will start a massive decline at the nearest resistance level.

“Bitcoin literally looks like it’s either building before a MASSIVE pump or it’s about to get nuked at resistance. There’s no in between.”

‘Looks like we’re heading higher’
Trader ‘George’ has shared his BTC price prediction, saying that the flagship crypto may be going higher – to the $7,500 area.

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